• Swiss Galoppers Hufschuhe I HOOF BOOT QUALITY MADE IN SWITZERLAND. Fröhliche Pferdebesitzerin mit Hufschuh und Pferd


Step 1: Purpose

What purpose do you need Swiss Galoppers vor? First and foremost, our boots are designed as riding boots, especially suitable for trail riding, endurance and driving. We do not suggest Swiss Galoppers for Reha/Therapy purposes and/or competing.

Step 2: Your horses hoof shape

Swiss Galoppers are designed for round hooves and longer hooves with highor low heels. Swiss Galoppers will likely not work for horses with club foot or hooves that are wider than they are long. We highly recommend to try before you buy.

Step 3: Taking measurements

Taking your horses measurements is easy once you understand how it is done. Before you take your horses measurements, make sure your horses hooves are thoroughly cleaned. Measurements should be taken within 2 weeks of the last trim. You only need 3 measurements: The width, the length and the height.

The width

PDF to print

The length

PDF to print

The height

PDF to print

How to measure your horses hooves (video instruction)

Step 4: Size finder

Once you have taken the measurements of your horse, you can easily determine the hoof boot size and type you need:

Step 5: Putting the boots on!

Swiss Galoppers are easy to put on & take off. As with any hoof boot, make sure hooves are thoroughly cleaned before you put the boots on.

Easy+Quick on´n off

Try before you buy


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"Very friendly customer service. Easy on and off, horse goes well. Boots stay put, happy owner!"

- Angela Hoch

"We have never lost a boot! These boots fit perfectly, no pressure points. We are very satisfied and can only recommend the Swiss Galoppers."

- Katrin Weingaertner

"Super easy to handle, quick on and off!"

- Andrea Jaeger

"I am totally excited about Swiss Galoppers!"

- Karin Hitz

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