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Each set comes with *7 galvanized steel spikes for maximum grip and minimum wear. If you already have a SG or SG-L, you can easily turn your boot into a SG-X or SG-LX: 

Drill a hole into the pre-drilled points provided for this purpose, choosing a diameter of max 4.2mm and a depth of max. 9mm.

Screw the spikes (you may want to use a wrench). Ensure a snug fit but don’t overwind the spike. For extra reinforcement, add some glue to the spike before screwing. 

Caution: Be careful not to over tighten the spikes. When applying spikes, make sure to only use a fairly new boot. It is important that the sole is still intact (little abrasion) as the spikes otherwise might push through the sole. 

*1 spare spike included in case of loss.

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